At one of our shows at Nowhere Brewpub


The band was formed in September 2016 with the rhythm guitars (Nitesh, Kiran), vocals (Himanshu, Anant and Johnson), the drum (Rajat) and percussions (Lokesh). We initially started with acoustic and unplugged sessions in the cafeterias performing sufi and bollywood genres. We always looked for more opportunities to present ourselves and we did find a few. Since, the band was formed by the employees of a corporate, one of the guitarists (Kiran) and a vocalist (Johnson) had to leave which left the band with only one guitarist. 

Later, after struggling for a long time finding a bass guitarist, we were approached by Shikhar who filled our Music with the bass we were looking for. Still, we missed something and one fine day, Abhimanyu approached us. Finally, we had a lead guitarist and we were all set. 

We came across a lot of opportunities to perform in many big corporate events inside the organisation and outside too. 

Being a part of another band, Rajat had to leave which gave an opportunity with open doors to one of the most deserving drummers Sudarshan (Moussak) who was already very keen to join us. Today, the band has 5 members who know only one thing - Music.



Mou Ssak (Drummer)

Man with many hats- Mou Ssak is a

drum kit wizard and has the ability to

make people groove through his

high-voltage pulsating drum-beats.

Mou has also done VISHARAD in

playing Tabla and has already

released his own original song in


Hailing from Assam, its tough to tell

if his hands are smoother with drum

sticks or chopsticks.


Anant Zutshi (Vocalist)

With his genre-agnostic voice, Anant

seamlessly makes audience dance on

his tunes. His soulful adlibs and lyrical

genius can not just recreate the retro

magic but also bring the peppiness of

new age Bollywood songs.

Lead Guitarist

Abhimanyu Chhetri (Lead guitarist)

Youngest on the block, Abhimanyu

Chhetri steals away the limelight with his

neat solos in almost every composition.

This quiet looking bomb truly believes in

‘let your work do the talking’ and adds

phenomenally to band’s sound.

Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist

Himanshu Sharma (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist)

Rumor has it that “How is the josh”

was coined by audience during one of

Himanshu’s performance. His jumps on

the stage are as high as his scale. This

passionate singer makes Sufi Songs

sound like a child’s play.

Apart from weaving magic with his

voice, Himanshu adds rhythm to the

band with his guitar skills.


Shikhar Shukla (Bassist)

Man behind the bass is a true

boss on stage with his dashing

looks and impeccable grip on his

instrument. Shikhar when not

killing the audience with his

looks, hold the band tight with his

exhilarating fusion of various

metal, jazz, folk, indie and soft

acoustic components.